5 Ways to Increase Your Savings and Find Deals at Target

Everyone is looking for ways to save come the Holiday season. Target is the one stop shop for many when it comes to purchasing gifts. The good news for consumers is that Target frequently runs sales, clearances, and coupons. However, finding out about sales, keeping up to date, and finding coupons is the problem.

Below you will find XXXXXXXXXXXXX ways to save even more money when shopping at Target.

 1. Thoroughly read your Receipt

The receipt you receive from Target will often advertise sale dates and even have coupons on them. The coupons will be hard to miss, but keep your eye out for sale advertisements. You may also see Target advertising their REDcard on the receipt. This credit card will save you %5 percent off all purchases and give you free shipping from Target’s website.

Target also has an official app called Cartwheel. You can keep up to date with sales and promotions. You’ll even receive some coupons.

Cartwheel savings and the 5 percent discount from REDcard stack, so if you are a REDcard holder, you need to be using the Cartwheel app too. It’s the best way to save money each and every time you visit Target.

 2. Use a Third-Party Coupon Site

These websites do the work for you. Simply go to the website, type in which store you’d like to see coupons for, and start saving. There are many websites like this available for everyone to use for free. One such website is YippeeCoupons.

YippeeCoupons also frequently has coupons for Advance Auto Parts, Booking.com, KOhl’s, and Urban Outfitters.

 3. Purchasing discounted gift cards

Come first of the year, people will be selling gift cards in exchange for cash. These gift cards often go way cheaper than what they are for, so by stocking up on Target gift cards you are saving yourself hard-earned money.

Use your gift cards by purchasing items that are on sale to save even more money. The only downside is that gift cards will be at their cheapest directly after the Holidays. You won’t be able to buy any gifts.

 4. Target’s Registries

There are three registries that Target supplies its customers with: the baby registry, wedding registry, and college registry. Target is able to supply these deals because it makes sure all your gifts are purchased with them.

Registries are for special occasions – occasions where lots of people would be buying you gifts. Your friends and family apply for the registry and get discounts. You can also join the registry and buy things for yourself.

 Baby Registry  

The baby registry comes with $100 dollars worth of coupons. All the coupons are for must have items for new mothers. If you are expecting a new baby, there is no cheaper way to prepare for new life than purchasing all your items from Target as a member of the baby registry.

 Wedding Registry  

The wedding registry allows members to get 15 percent off leftover wedding items. Not everything from your wedding needs to be custom made. A previous reception may have unused napkins, flowers, or other essential items. You won’t have to pay full price for something that doesn’t need to be specialty made.

 College Registry  

The college registry includes essential school items, but it also includes furniture for dorm rooms.

Members of your registry get a 15 percent discount on all items purchased.

 5. Social Media

Newspapers used to be the main way to see which deals and promotions that stores were holding. Now you can see all of Target’s sales on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Target on either or both of these platforms to see deals as quick as possible.

You already have social media accounts. Why not use them to save money? Follow all of the stores you frequently shop at to save as much as possible.

 Start Saving Today

Give the tips above a try and you’ll experience savings that you thought not possible. Target isn’t the only store some of these tips apply for. For example, YippeeCoupons has coupons for dozens of stores. Other stores also offer registries similar to Target’s.…

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